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    We have been baking gluten free for some twenty years and we have experienced a lot of change. We started with one oven and a baker who was a diagnosed Coeliac.

    The last few years have changed the market beyond recognition. The latest UK sales figures at retail show a market worth £180M.

    That’s worth as much as shellfish and tinned fruit and bigger than nuts and herbs and spices.

    A growth of 37% over in the last year.

    A market of medium size but exceptional growth. 

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    Fully equipped NPD laboratory with a trained team.

    Close collaboration with ingredient suppliers to exploit their innovation.

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    We live by what we make.

    Attributes of products are checked across the batch.

    Daily sensory panels and WIBI (will I buy it) carried out.

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    Making food for special diets means allergen control is key.

    We only make and bake gluten free products.  The only permitted allergens on site are egg, milk (only in our cake bakery), sulphites (only in dried fruit) and soya ( only as lecithin in chocolate chips).

    We test all incoming ingredients for gluten. All ingredient suppliers are audited and risk assessed. We don’t buy key ingredients from traders. We know the provenance of our products and develop good relations with all our processors, mills and farmers.

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    Our skilled staff and our artisan style of production means we can be flexible in the way we produce product through the day.

    Need a special run? No problem for us. We have no big tunnel ovens but double racks ovens that lend themselves to short runs.

  • ultrapharm


    We make product for some of Europe’s biggest retailers and businesses.

    A tailored solution to your needs.


  • Mamhilad Technology Park, Pontypool, NP4 0JJ


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